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After 5 years, little white books has its own dedicated home in Melbourne, Australia.

We ship our wedding planner book - the original 'little white book' & our pregnancy journal 'made with love' every day, bringing joy to couples all over the world.

We are so honoured to be part of your journey, thank you for trusting us with your most precious memories.


little white book wedding planner

Loved by brides for being as unique and special as wedding planning itself, the little white book has been voted best wedding planner book, included in numerous worlwide publications, but most importantly, receives glowing customer reviews.

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made with love pregnancy journal

Create a keepsake of this incredibly special and unique time, recording every moment, movement and memory of your pregnancy. All couples can enjoy documenting their journey to parenthood and keep a timeless keepsake.

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wedding planning downloadable bundle

The wedding planning downloadable bundle will guide you through the first steps to wedding planning. Using the worksheets, questions, checklists and templates you will build a strong foundation on which to plan your wedding.

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What our customers say about the little white book

I purchased the book that came with the PDF guest list and budget. It is amazing! We have particularly used the budget and that has helped us really stick closely to it.

I also really enjoy the reflections and things I’m grateful for in the book. I’m very excited to look back on it once we have children.

I chose this book because it gave me the PDF and it looked beautiful and functional. It was also one of the only ones I found that wasn’t from America or from a long way away!

Marlee Hamilton

I bought the Little white book last year just after I got engaged in June, I had been wanting the little white book well before I was proposed to.
The first time I had seen the little white book was on Facebook I believe, then I follow She said yes on Instagram.

I love to write everything down and it was exactly what I was looking for. I did do a little research before I purchased it, however, I tried finding a wedding planning book that was more than empty pages and was based in New Zealand and found only that the little white book was really the only contender. I shared a photo of it back in July 2019. It came super quickly and was beautifully packaged. I am very happy with my purchase, thank you!

Teriwai Weeks

I purchased the Little White Book, and for me personally I’m planning to put a lot of personal touches into my own wedding in December this year, so I wanted something with a bit of that ‘special feel’ to document the lead up to our big day. I’m a creative with a love for recording things with pen and paper (I still buy yearly planners and sketch on/use notebooks), so having a planner made specifically for wedding planning that I can jot and draw my ideas into when they come to me is a pretty big deal. Seeing some samples of the content was a pretty big deal clincher for me (would’ve loved to see more, but it was just enough to convince me), as I wanted a planner that could help guide me a bit through the planning process (the monthly checklist and ordered structure of it was the big ticket item, I chose the little white book over other planners because of this), but still be no frills and leave plenty of room for me to jot notes and stick stuff like I could in a monthly planner.

Elaine Ngeow

I bought (and love) the little white book. I was looking for a cute planner that didn’t have too much of the pre printed planning tools. I am a pretty flexible, relaxed person so I more wanted something to guide me but let me plan how I wanted to for our wedding.
And I basically wanted a book that I could use to keep everything wedding written down in one place.

I love the book, it’s so easy to just grab and jot down important details, things I have to remember to do/buy. And it’s helped me keep track of payments we’ve made, things I’ve ordered/bought for the wedding and; now that our wedding is only a week away, I’ve been using the book as a spot to write down things I have to remember to bring on the day!

Meg Beasley

When another friend got engaged I bought it for her... secretly just wanting to buy one for myself but it meant I could live a bit vicariously through her! When I finally got engaged it was the first thing I bought for myself. I've also found the spreadsheet to be a lifesaver for invites! I've made all my invitations myself (I'm a high school design teacher) so it made it that little bit easier for me to figure out how many I needed to print and it made it easier to address the invitations etc. It's making the whole wedding planning process a lot less overwhelming because no one tells you how overwhelming it can be! So thank you!

Kate Bailey

I bought the Little White Book, which by the way I am OBSESSED with, my partner and I couldn’t believe how detailed and easy it has made planning our big day! Not to mention how super cute it is :)

Chelsea Neera

made with love pregnancy journal - click to play

What our customers say about made with love

I purchased the made with love pregnancy journal after seeing it on facebook - I thought it was an amazing idea!
Thanks for your creativity. Whilst I have been a little slack at filling it in since first trimester (I am at third tri on Sunday) due to my pregnancy laziness 🤣 I think it’s such a beautiful idea and I would happily recommend it to others! 

Jade Speirs

I brought made with love :) I bought it because I had previously purchased little white book when I was planning my wedding. I love both books! They have been so helpful and I can't wait to look back on my made with love book in years to come! We are still waiting for our little one to arrive in 12 weeks

Kaisha Burgess

It was such a lovely time writing in my secret journal the weeks leading up to our wedding as we were 8 weeks pregnant with our secret when we got married. It will be such a beautiful keepsake for my child one day and it is really helping me to be positive and focused on each week of the pregnancy. I see it as my little therapy journal. I love all the extra space to write things down, areas for hubby to write in too. I have even added photos.

Madison C

I bought the made with love book!Because we are having a baby in May and I wanted to write everything down during my pregnancy. I love it! Thanks so much.

Lily Lauren

A friend of mine got gifted one at her baby shower and I loved it so went and ordered one for myself once I fell pregnant. I absolutely love it too!

Rach Blackley

we know you'll love little white books - our story

little white books is the new home of the best-selling wedding planner book 'little white book' (est. 2016) and pregnancy journal 'made with love' (est. 2018) - both created by Forget Me Not Journals (formerly She Said Yes)

A love of planning and organisation brought She Said Yes wedding blog into the world in 2015, and as writer Megan Hutchison organised and shared her wedding planning journey, she began creating the ultimate wedding planner book and journal to record this unique and special time. The 'little white book' is now into its 9th reprint, and is loved by its brides for being as unique and special as wedding planning itself. It's been featured on CNN, voted 'best wedding planner book' by Modern Weddings Australia and included in numerous publications, but most importantly, receives glowing customer reviews.

In 2018, expecting her first baby, Megan sought to design a pregnancy journal worthy of recording every incredible moment, movement and milestone on any couples' journey to becoming parents. Previous customers of the little white book didn't take long to pick up a copy of 'made with love' and it looks like it may soon be as beloved as the wedding planner. Recently included in Mum's Grapevine's Best Pregnancy Journals of 2020, it is now stocked in some of Australia and New Zealand's best retailers.

In 2022, She Said Yes became Forget Me Not Journals and launched a unique range of baby books and childhood journals, including to my daughter, to my son, to my child and grandparents journals.

All books are shipped worldwide daily from Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.